Plumber Gilroy CA

Gilroy plumbing repairs offered by Ted's Plumbing has a reputation to uphold as the finest plumbing company in America. Our plumbers are the most highly trained and hard-working professionals in the industry and our tools and equipment are the best money can buy. Our customer satisfaction and retention numbers speak for themselves. Gilroy plumbers are the number one choice by your neighbors.

If you need emergency service or routine repair we are just a phone call away. As your neighborhood plumber we always have a Gilroy plumber near your home and ready to respond in an emergency. These seasoned men and women will seek a permanent solution to any problem, not just a quick fix. Our reputation and track record of success rides with them on every call.

Gilroy plumbing assistance by Ted's Plumbing specializes in installations of fixtures and replacement of pipes and water lines. Our extensive knowledge of construction methods that are unique to the region enables us to install pipes in discreet areas of your home where they won´t be seen but will still be accessible if necessary. Gilroy plumbers became the best because the comfort and satisfaction of our customers always comes first and always will.

Keep It Local

We like to keep things local to better serve our friends, neighbors, and the people who have depended on us for years. While you probably won't find us in Stockton, Oakland, or Carlsbad any time soon, we're happy to recommend other trusted companies whenever possible.

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Services We Offer

Our Plumbing Services include the installation, repair, and replacement of:

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